Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SDS FMW Meat Vans

So another recent purchase at Liverpool was a pack of the SDS FMW Walkers meat vans I just can't resist a bit of bling and also the challenge of weathering them was to good to pass up again I used dullcote to begin and then a combination of thinned dark wash and thinned rust was to weather the body's and a little earth along the under frame. The washes really help to make all the details really pop out.

Enjoy cheers Jon

SDS Centurion Tank

So it's been a while I have been busy in my spare time wiring our new club DCC layout but have been back at the weathering lately so I will start with the SDS Centurion I have really been looking forward to doing this one.

So I started by lighting up the base coat with a bit of tamiya acrylic olive drab and Khaki thinned out to a wash and set to work with the AK Interactive washes mainly dark wash and winter streaking grime applying dullcote in between washes I also used a rust wash for the mufflers and used a dark steel pigment for the tracks.

Enjoy cheers Jon

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still here

So I was looking at my blog today and realised that its been around five months since I last posted oops sorry about that I have been busy though weathering and getting new models so I will try and post a few pics of what I have been up to lately but to start with here are some pics of my new Auscision Models 73.

What a fantastic model well done Auscision. Also I received my 422 class from Auscision another fantastic model I only had one minor problem with the 422 when I tested it I found the mech to be a bit noisy after consulting with some mates who also received them they ashore me that theirs were whisper quiet so i decided to investigate and found one of the wires from the switch for the headlights was dragging against the flywheel so i relocated it and fixed the problem.

Also I made a recent eBay purchase of a DJH 30T and have been busy doing some minor repairs and weathering see what you think?

I am also working on weathering my Austrains Fo set as well as the pile of other four wheelers that I have and will post some photos soon when I have finished.

cheers Jon

Monday, October 8, 2012

Austrains 4 Wheel Wagons

So I attended the 50th Anniversary Exhibition at Liverpool on the long weekend and made a couple of purchases at the Austrains stand in the form of there latest batch of 4 wheelers I really like these wagons although the only problem I am having is the boxes are piling up waiting to be weathered I think I will have to get stuck in and get busy again.All of the following use the same underframe as the CW's and GSV's so not a lot of work to do to get them on the layout. I will put some scale head couplers and I am considering replacing the brake handle brackets with KRM ones but I will see how I go.

LV with double roof

Single canvas roof

I think I will have to do something about the roof on these ones maybe some tissue paper to represent the canvas 

I love the SRC's I am really looking forward to weathering these

If you weren't there on Saturday then you missed these
I have to say well done to Austrains they all look fantastic and if you weren't at the show then get on the phone and grab some before they go.

cheers Jon

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Post Man has been again

So I had a parcel waiting for me when I arrived home last night contained within it were my OCY wagons from SDS Models. What can I say WOW the details on these are awesome RP 88 wheels as standard plus whisker Kadee scale head couplers as standard the brake details underneath are just awesome the bogies have full brake detail and the deck looks superb see for yourself.


A great model well worth picking up.

Also I have been busy weathering some more stuff lately I have been trying some more of the MIG washes that I used on the CW's  on some of my other stock as well as some powders from Bragdon see what you think.

 Trainorama BWH wheat hopper I applied a dark wash then faded it with thinners to get the faded grey look then used powders for the rust and finished with some poly scale dirt along the bottom with the airbrush and railroad tie brown on the wheels.

 Austrain's PV & CV's given a light coat of H343 soot from Aqueous then washed with MIG dark wash and dusted with powders.

Austrains MLE finally weathered the deck was dry brushed with Tamiya XF20 and then dark wash applied then fished with powders and the steel load.
And Finally

I applied a neutral wash from MIG over both of these and then washed it with thinners added a bit of powder around the bogies to highlight them a bit and a little bit of soot across the top of the white one I will still do a little bit around the sub frame but after Liverpool.

I will be there operating Waterfall on Sunday with the rest of the IMRA crew if you want to say hi. It sounds like it will be a great show I know I am looking forward to leaving with a whole heap more goodies I don't think the bank manager is though. I hope to see you there.

Cheers Jon   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Country Branch Lines Part 5

I picked up a new book today from train hobby productions Country Branch lines Part 5 Volume 1. The book is a photographic profile of the cross country line between Blaney & Harden and also includes photos the Grenfell & Eugowra branch lines. There are lots of great weathering shots of tankers, CW's, BSV's, LCH's etc and I would highly recomend it for weathering. Sorry about the bad photo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Plate Steel Loads

So I received another package the other day with some steel loads that I had ordered from JWD premium products in the USA (link) they are made by DUHA in the Czech Republic I had seen these reviewed in AMRM a couple of years ago but could not find the Australian distributor they had listed.

#11220 plate steel load excuse the unweathered wagon :)
The loads I ordered range in price between $15 to $20 each and they take paypal or credit card. I would advise contacting them by email as there shipping calculator over estimates the shipping costs. But I found them to be very easy to deal with they refunded the extra shipping charges straight away. 

#11417 "Voestalpine" Plate Steel Load

#11226 Assorted Structural Steel

Also I have included some photos of my SDS BMF wagons for you to have a closer look at starting with the 1970's version in Black 

Nice Underframe details

And the 1960's version in white

The bogies even include brake detail

Close up view of the 2AE bogie ( I have a feeling these will be available seprately)
 And some shots of the nice boxes they come in.

Cheers Jon