Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still here

So I was looking at my blog today and realised that its been around five months since I last posted oops sorry about that I have been busy though weathering and getting new models so I will try and post a few pics of what I have been up to lately but to start with here are some pics of my new Auscision Models 73.

What a fantastic model well done Auscision. Also I received my 422 class from Auscision another fantastic model I only had one minor problem with the 422 when I tested it I found the mech to be a bit noisy after consulting with some mates who also received them they ashore me that theirs were whisper quiet so i decided to investigate and found one of the wires from the switch for the headlights was dragging against the flywheel so i relocated it and fixed the problem.

Also I made a recent eBay purchase of a DJH 30T and have been busy doing some minor repairs and weathering see what you think?

I am also working on weathering my Austrains Fo set as well as the pile of other four wheelers that I have and will post some photos soon when I have finished.

cheers Jon


  1. I see you now have the 30 class! Looks good, trust it runs well.

    cheers Phil

  2. Yeah Phil it runs great I just had to replace the decoder when I got

  3. Check the gearbox Jonathan and make sure it is sitting square and centred on the axle. I was easy to get these wrong and it chews the gears out !
    Good to see some white metal about !