Monday, October 8, 2012

Austrains 4 Wheel Wagons

So I attended the 50th Anniversary Exhibition at Liverpool on the long weekend and made a couple of purchases at the Austrains stand in the form of there latest batch of 4 wheelers I really like these wagons although the only problem I am having is the boxes are piling up waiting to be weathered I think I will have to get stuck in and get busy again.All of the following use the same underframe as the CW's and GSV's so not a lot of work to do to get them on the layout. I will put some scale head couplers and I am considering replacing the brake handle brackets with KRM ones but I will see how I go.

LV with double roof

Single canvas roof

I think I will have to do something about the roof on these ones maybe some tissue paper to represent the canvas 

I love the SRC's I am really looking forward to weathering these

If you weren't there on Saturday then you missed these
I have to say well done to Austrains they all look fantastic and if you weren't at the show then get on the phone and grab some before they go.

cheers Jon


  1. Jonathan,

    You certainly have a lot of work to do but when finsihed, they'll look great behind a 50 class or perhaps a 30T

    cheers Phil

    1. Thanks Phil

      It will have to be a 50 class for the minute as I haven't got around to getting a 30t yet hopefully mr easy can help with that in the future

      Cheers Jon

  2. They certainly looks the goods!