Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Plate Steel Loads

So I received another package the other day with some steel loads that I had ordered from JWD premium products in the USA (link) they are made by DUHA in the Czech Republic I had seen these reviewed in AMRM a couple of years ago but could not find the Australian distributor they had listed.

#11220 plate steel load excuse the unweathered wagon :)
The loads I ordered range in price between $15 to $20 each and they take paypal or credit card. I would advise contacting them by email as there shipping calculator over estimates the shipping costs. But I found them to be very easy to deal with they refunded the extra shipping charges straight away. 

#11417 "Voestalpine" Plate Steel Load

#11226 Assorted Structural Steel

Also I have included some photos of my SDS BMF wagons for you to have a closer look at starting with the 1970's version in Black 

Nice Underframe details

And the 1960's version in white

The bogies even include brake detail

Close up view of the 2AE bogie ( I have a feeling these will be available seprately)
 And some shots of the nice boxes they come in.

Cheers Jon

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