Saturday, June 30, 2012


So I thougt I would add some pictures of some of my models that I have photograhed lately.

Trainorama 32

Trainorama 42 weathered with oils and airbrush

Trainorama 47

Trainorama 49

Trainorama 44

Austrains 35

Trainorama S Truck with Sydney Hobbies Timber Load

Powerline S truck with my first attempt at a tarp

IDR CG concentrate wagon

this kit comes with a nice amount of detail underneath although I do need to add RP88 wheel sets

Austrains WHX

DJH 50 Class

Classic Brass 55

Austrains 36

Bergs 57
I have found it very useful to take pictures of these lately to pick up problems with the models such as the handrails on my 47 or the staff exchanger on the 44. Apart from these I haven't done much in the shed lately. Although I did get to visit Linton's shed the other day to view the progress on stonequarry creek and found it very useful in planing benchwork for my own layout. Thanks again Linton.

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